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We offer Enterprise-grade CMS, ERP, Custom-made solutions services and CMS, ERP, Custom-built solutions specialists and experts.

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We help you choose the most-suited CMS for your business.

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We help you choose the most-suited eCommerce platform.

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Who we are

Why TechPeer?

TechPeer is a Swiss company, based in Geneva, Switzerland. We launched TechPeer to assist businesses to select the best CMS, CRM, ERP tools to make their operation more efficient. We typically would try to understand what your business is trying to achieve, and help you select the best CRM, ERP, CMS available on the market, at the best price, and most optimial integration.

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Our Principles

Allowing your business to thrive because you use the right technologies is our main priority, here are the four principles we abide by

Deliver more

We always push to deliver more. Because time is always of the essence.

Act in your interest

We always act in your business' best interest regardless of our own.

Our engagement

We underpromise, overdeliver. Our reputation is what guarantees our surival and success.

Only if we can help

We will only take your project, if you feel we can actually help you and your business.

Are you using the right CRM, ERP, CMS for your business?

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